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GitHub as Open Source Project Home

Context and Problem Statement

We need a location to manage and publish our code. It needs to be easy to find, standard for Kadaster and other governmental organizations.

Considered Options

  • - Leading and mainstream open source version control platform, but commercially driven
  • - Leading alternative being more open source itself and used by VNG/Common Ground

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: "", because

  • this the default for Kadaster and Kadaster is the organization asked to start this (open source) project
  • GitHub can be considered as the main open source platform
  • Gitlab would have requested extra effort for costs and accounting
  • This decision might be reconsidered when the governance and responsibilities are changing of this open source project


  • is chosen as the main entry point for the documentation
  • all repositories follow the naming convention sensrnet-* where * stands for the wildcard of the names of components