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SensRNet is build on the Key Concept 'Decentralization as given'. This is applied as a decentral architecture based on a distributed ledger (technology underneath blockchain). The architecture designs a network of connected nodes, Registry Nodes, which interact and share data. This is very flexible and scalable and does not design a fixed set up of nodes. There are actually multiple options, open for development and evolution of the network:

  1. 1 node per municipality -> ca. 350+ nodes
  2. 1 node per department per municipality -> ca. 1000+ nodes
  3. 1 node per province -> ca. 12+ nodes
  4. 1 node per province + 1 node per (huge) city -> ca. 20+ nodes
  5. any mix -> between 12 and 2000 nodes
  6. Centraal -> 2 nodes (mutation + information side) (even a central set up is technically possible but against the key concept of decentralization as given)
Network set up 1 node per municipality Network set up 1 node per province
Network option municipalities Network option provinces